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The singles Blu-ray

The Doors

The Doors The singles
Casa discograficaWarner
Etichetta Rhino Elektra
Data 15/09/2017
CD1-01: Break On Through (To The Other Side)
CD1-02: End Of The Night
CD1-03: Light My Fire
CD1-04: The Crystal Ship
CD1-05: People Are Strange
CD1-06: Unhappy Girl
CD1-07: Love Me Two Times
CD1-08: Moonlight Drive
CD1-09: The Unknown Soldier
CD1-10: We Could Be So Good Together
CD1-11: Hello, I Love You
CD1-12: Love Street
CD1-13: Touch Me
CD1-14: Wild Child
CD1-15: Wishful Sinful
CD1-16: Who Scared You
CD1-17: Tell All The People
CD1-18: Easy Ride
CD1-19: Runnin' Blue
CD1-20: Do It
CD1-21: You Make Me Real
CD1-22: Roadhouse Blues
CD1-23: Love Her Madly
CD1-24: (You Need Meat) Don't Go No Further
CD1-25: Riders On The Storm
CD1-26: The Changeling
CD2-01: Tightrope Ride
CD2-02: Variety Is The Spice Of Life
CD2-03: Ships W/ Sails
CD2-04: In The Eye Of The Sun
CD2-05: Get Up And Dance
CD2-06: Treetrunk
CD2-07: The Mosquito
CD2-08: It Slipped My Mind
CD2-09: The Piano Bird
CD2-10: Good Rockin
CD2-11: Roadhouse Blues (Live)
CD2-12: Albinoni: Adagio
CD2-13: Gloria (Live)
CD2-14: Moonlight Drive (Live)
CD2-15: Hello, I Love You (Mono Radio Version)
CD2-16: Touch Me (Mono Radio Version)
CD2-17: Wishful Sinful (Mono Radio Version)
CD2-18: Tell All The People (Mono Radio Version)
Dvd-1. Who Do You Love
Dvd-2. Soul Kitchen
Dvd-3. Hello, I Love You
Dvd-4. People Are Strange
Dvd-5. Riders On The Storm
Dvd-6. Touch Me
Dvd-7. Love Her Madly
Dvd-8. Love Me Two Times
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